Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Book Signing

Last weekend I did a book signing. I also did a talk for my writers group about how to host a successful book signing. I have sold a ton of books this way and have learned a lot every time I do another one.

Just to make things easier I made a checklist:

  • Write some books that don't suck
    • I'm serious
    • This is a prerequisite
  • Tell a pile of people you are signing books
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Email
    • Online groups
  • Make it easy for people to buy your stuff
    • Paper
    • Kindle
    • Audio
  • Have fun with it
    • People can tell you are having fun
    • Be approachable

Things to bring to make it easy and professional:
Good Signage
  • Have more books than you will need.
    • Running out is bad
  • Have a variety of books
    • Your novels
    • Anthologies you are in
  • Pens to sign stuff
    • Favorite pen and backups
    • I like Sharpies for signing
  • $200 in cash to make change
    • A cash box is a good idea as well
  • Be able to accept credit cards
    • Have a VISA/MASTERCARD plaque
  • Have good signage
    • Profession signage draws in people
  • QR Codes for Kindle Unlimited versions
    • Free books for readers cash for you
  • Business cards/book marks
    • Keep them in your cash box. Lots of them
  • Table cloths
    • Makes it look nice.
  • Shopping bags
    • It's a small thing but people like it
  • A folding chair (just in case)
    • Even a guest chair for people to chat
  • Book stands and racks
    • Readers need to be able to see your books
  • Downloadable freebies
    • Free short stories are nice
  • Email list signup sheet
    • Collect email addresses
  • Bowl of chocolate candies
    • Draw them in
  • Bottles of water
    • You will get thirsty from all the talking
  • Food if it's a long event
    • Power bars if not a real bagged lunch
  • A case to pack all this inside
    • Makes it easy to set up

Always get there early to set up. It lets you get a good spot. Always be extra nice to your hosts/organizers/contacts. Make friends and have fun. 

Keep in mind that you can be completely prepared, professional and ready and still not sell any books. It's happened to me a couple times. You just need to have the foot traffic. And it also helps if the traffic you get are people from your target audience.

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