Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tuesday Tips: Book Signing Events!


When you start attending local author events, make sure you visit the other author's tables. Check out their setups!

It will become apparent what works and what doesn't. What draws people in and ultimately helps sell your books.

Good racks to display your books are essential. Excellent signage for your display is a big help!

Don't forget a nice bowl of candy!

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tuesday Tips: Power of Collaboration

As an author, getting your work noticed in a crowded literary marketplace can be a daunting task. While there are numerous marketing strategies out there, one approach that has proven to be particularly effective is collaboration. By joining forces with other authors, you can expand your reach, tap into new audiences, and create a mutually beneficial marketing opportunity.

Here are a few ways in which collaboration can work wonders for authors:
  • Cross-Promotion: Partnering with other authors in your genre allows you to tap into each other's fan bases. By promoting each other's work through social media shoutouts, newsletter features, or joint events, you can introduce your books to a whole new set of potential readers.
  • Anthologies and Box Sets: Collaborating with fellow authors to create anthologies or box sets can be a powerful marketing tool. By bundling your works together, you not only offer readers a great deal, but you also benefit from each other's promotional efforts.
  • Co-Writing Projects: Co-writing a book with another author can be an exciting way to leverage each other's strengths and fan bases. This can also lead to cross-promotion and double the marketing efforts for the same project.
  • Joint Events and Workshops: Hosting joint author events, book signings, or writing workshops can draw a larger crowd and create a buzz around your collective work.
In the competitive world of publishing, collaboration can be a game-changer for authors looking to expand their reach and connect with new readers. By teaming up with other authors, you not only amplify your marketing efforts but also build a supportive network within the writing community.

Remember, in the world of marketing, there's strength in numbers. So, reach out to your fellow authors and explore the possibilities of collaboration. Together, you can achieve far more than you ever could alone.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Tuesday Tips: More Sources of Inspiration

Are you a sci-fi writer, like me? Are you seeking inspiration to fuel your next intergalactic adventure or dystopian saga? Look no further! The universe is full of awe-inspiring wonders, just waiting to spark your imagination. Here are some out-of-this-world places to find the inspiration to craft your next sci-fi masterpiece.

Space Exploration and Astronomy. The mysteries of outer space have fascinated humanity for centuries. Follow the latest developments in space exploration, marvel at breathtaking images from telescopes like Hubble, and immerse yourself in the wonders of the cosmos. From newly discovered exoplanets to the mind-boggling phenomena of black holes, the boundless expanse of space is a treasure trove of inspiration for sci-fi writers.

Cutting-Edge Science and Technology. Stay updated on the latest scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements. From quantum computing to artificial intelligence, real-world innovations often serve as the foundation for futuristic concepts in science fiction. Delve into scientific journals, attend tech conferences, and explore emerging fields to gain insights that can shape the worlds and technologies in your stories.

History and Anthropology. Uncover hidden gems in our own history and explore the rich tapestry of human civilization. Ancient cultures, lost civilizations, and pivotal moments in history can provide fascinating backdrops for your sci-fi narratives. By drawing inspiration from real-world events and societies, you can infuse your stories with depth and authenticity.

Nature and the Environment. The natural world is a source of endless inspiration. Whether it's the enigmatic depths of the ocean, the eerie beauty of desolate landscapes, or the biodiversity of exotic ecosystems, nature offers a wealth of inspiration for alien worlds, post-apocalyptic settings, and ecological themes in sci-fi storytelling.

Speculative Fiction and Art. Engage with the works of other science fiction writers, explore speculative fiction subgenres, and immerse yourself in the visual art of renowned sci-fi illustrators. Consume a wide range of sci-fi media, from classic novels to avant-garde short stories, and let the creativity of others ignite fresh ideas within you.

Futurism and Predictive. Trends Examine current social, political, and environmental trends to speculate about the future. Analyze the impact of technological, cultural, and geopolitical shifts, and envision how these changes might unfold in the distant future. This forward-thinking approach can help you craft thought-provoking narratives that resonate with contemporary issues.

Dreams, Imagination, and What-If Scenarios. Never underestimate the power of your own imagination. Let your dreams, daydreams, and musings guide you into uncharted territories. Explore hypothetical scenarios and ask "what if?" to unlock the limitless potential of speculative fiction.

By seeking inspiration from these diverse sources, you can breathe life into your sci-fi writing and captivate readers with immersive worlds, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes. Remember, inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places, so keep your mind open and your imagination ready to soar to new frontiers.

Thursday, May 9, 2024

 The weather looks good for Saturday! Come see me!

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Tuesday Tips: Inspiration

 I recommend that every author find ways to inspire themselves. Everyone is different. Some people watch from sidewalk cafes or museums. Some take their stories from their past. Some from dreams. Here is my list:

  • Images from art and photography like Pinterest below.
  • Movies. Even bad ones.
  • TV. Even shows that are not Scifi can inspire me.
  • Music that touches my soul.
  • Dreams. Especially the whacked ones.
  • Solo Camping in the forest...
Always keep a notebook of ideas. I refer to them often finding puzzle pieces I didn't know were missing...

Click the image to see the collection:

Monday, May 6, 2024

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Tuesday Tips: Genres and Styles

One lesser-known tip for writers is to practice writing in different genres and styles. This can help you expand your skills and creativity and discover new ways to approach storytelling. Experimenting with different genres can also help you find your unique voice as a writer. Additionally, reading widely across various genres can provide inspiration and new ideas for your own writing. 

Challenging yourself and stepping out of your comfort zone to grow as a writer is important. 

Monday, April 29, 2024

Thursday, April 25, 2024

May Events

I have a couple in-person events coming up in May. Come out and say hi, get a book signed or just point and laugh!


Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tuesday Tips: Beta Readers

One lesser-known tip for authors is to utilize beta readers before publishing your work. 

Beta readers can provide valuable feedback on your manuscript, helping you identify areas for improvement and ensuring that your story resonates with your target audience. Additionally, beta readers can catch errors or inconsistencies you may have missed. This can ultimately lead to a stronger final product that is more likely to be well-received by readers. 

I like to have a mix of beta readers. Some are fellow authors, some are avid readers of the book's genre, and some have never read any of my other books.

The key is that they all need to be brutally honest and specific.

I like to have about ten beta readers. About 30% don't have time, and that's fine. I have had as many as thirty (too many) and as few as three (too few). 

--They always help make my books better.

Monday, April 8, 2024

The Eclipse!

Today is the Eclipse! Let's hope there won't be a Zombie outbreak!!

Detailed View of a Solar Eclipse Corona Image Credit & Copyright: Phil Hart

 --Did you notice?

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Tuesday Tip!

Here is a really important tip for people who write Science Fiction.

You may have a great idea for new scifi gadgets and tech. You may have done some amazing world building and created a scifi setting that's kick ass. You may even have a good plot, a detailed nine act structure.

None of that will matter if you don't have great characters. 

A great story NEEDS compelling characters that the audience can relate to. Include a clear protagonist, the antagonist(s) AND secondary and even tertiary characters.

--Even if it's a cat...

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Book Club: Sole Survivor

This morning I am going to my Book Club. This month we read Sole Survivor by Ruthanne Lum McCunn.

I really love this book club. Not only are the people great but it leads me to read books I may not otherwise read. Sole Survivor is no exception.

This book was really brutal in detailing all the hardships Poon Lim went through. These kind of stories will help make me a better author.

Here is the description from Amazon:

On November 23, 1942, German U-Boats torpedoed the British ship Benlomond and it sank in the Atlantic in two minutes. The sole survivor was a second steward named Poon Lim, who, with no knowledge of the sea, managed to stay alive for 133 days on a small wooden raft. Finally rescued at the mouth of the Amazon River, Poon was hailed as the "World's Champion Survivor." He still holds the Guinness World Record for survival at sea.

--Great book, highly recommended.

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Tuesday Tip: Ending First

So you have a great idea and you have no idea where to begin. 

Try this: Write the ending first.

If you can see where the destination of the idea goes, write that climax. You may find it easy when you flesh out the ending, to back up into the inciting incident.

--Give it a try.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Kindle Countdown Deal!!

 What if everything they knew about Vampires was wrong?

--Back to regular price on April 1st!