Sunday, January 25, 2015


I usually write when I travel. I have extra time and usually not much else to do.

I go to conferences that are a lot of waiting around. It adds up. Next thing you know you have a whole chapter done during coffee breaks.

I talked my wife into going with me on this trip. We didn't add any extra days and it will still be work for me. but we will have evening off and she will be able to have fun in Orlando theme park and put some miles on her Fitbit.

I will still get up early as usual and make coffee and write (quietly) in the morning. I also take things I see while on travel for inspiration. I think we are going to see the Harry Potter theme park while there. There will be good photo opts and writing fodder for the lie machine.

--Drink Coffee, Make Stuff Up.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cutting Room Floor

Killer Robot Sentries
I still have a huge pile of stuff that I cut out of my first book. It's good stuff. It was not necessary for the first story but it was still good stuff.

I have an entire thread I cut out that was a first person log from a lone survivor.  I was using it as a tool to over explain several plot points. I liked the stand alone plot that it developed.

I remembering how influenced the writing was by images I was seeing on Photos can really inspire my writing.

Music also inspires my writing. People and places also inspire it.

--I guess I find inspiration everywhere!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Book 3: Without a Storm

I finished the first draft of my second novel:

    The Broken Cage

I am going to take a month or so off before I go back for the second draft. I already know a lot of changes I want to make. I will also run it through my writers group for feedback. I have already reviewed my first two chapters with them for really good feedback.

Book One: Still Falling is with my editor for a final polish.

I started Book Three: Without a Storm. I am a couple chapters in already.

I also started another project that I am excited about. It contains characters and plot that was cut from book one and two. I would like for it to end up as a podcast. Extra material. A classic style Noir-Scifi-Radio-Theater!

The sections were cut out because they are all first person. Kind of first person? It would be about 45,000 words printed but I plan on it being a weekly podcast and blog. Should be big fun. I have already started rounding up the cast for it. More on this later.

--Feeling very creative.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dinner with Writers

I had dinner tonight with 27 other writes in Washington DC. I Blame Donna Lewis.

I am hooked up with these people via

I am also going to another writers group on Sunday morning and then a photography group on Tuesday.

-Good stuff.