Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tuesday Tips: Beta Readers

One lesser-known tip for authors is to utilize beta readers before publishing your work. 

Beta readers can provide valuable feedback on your manuscript, helping you identify areas for improvement and ensuring that your story resonates with your target audience. Additionally, beta readers can catch errors or inconsistencies you may have missed. This can ultimately lead to a stronger final product that is more likely to be well-received by readers. 

I like to have a mix of beta readers. Some are fellow authors, some are avid readers of the book's genre, and some have never read any of my other books.

The key is that they all need to be brutally honest and specific.

I like to have about ten beta readers. About 30% don't have time, and that's fine. I have had as many as thirty (too many) and as few as three (too few). 

--They always help make my books better.

Monday, April 8, 2024

The Eclipse!

Today is the Eclipse! Let's hope there won't be a Zombie outbreak!!

Detailed View of a Solar Eclipse Corona Image Credit & Copyright: Phil Hart

 --Did you notice?

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Tuesday Tip!

Here is a really important tip for people who write Science Fiction.

You may have a great idea for new scifi gadgets and tech. You may have done some amazing world building and created a scifi setting that's kick ass. You may even have a good plot, a detailed nine act structure.

None of that will matter if you don't have great characters. 

A great story NEEDS compelling characters that the audience can relate to. Include a clear protagonist, the antagonist(s) AND secondary and even tertiary characters.

--Even if it's a cat...