Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tuesday Tips: Rewards

Today's tip is a simple one but works very well.

When ever you achieve a goal, reward yourself.

The bigger the reward the more likely you are to reach your goal. I know several people that do this in different ways. It is the carrot at the end of your goal.
  • Go out and have a nice dinner with the spouse you've been ignoring.
  • Buy yourself a gift. Like a high quality Pen. A new car. A small island. Flowers.
  • Take a vacation. Get away from your computer. (with the spouse you've been ignoring)
  • Pamper yourself with a massage.
  • A new experience. Go somewhere new. Do something.
  • Buy new sneakers. Puts a bounce in your step.
  • Take a nap on the hammock.
Make it the right size with the goal. I try not to reward myself with food. I'm not a dog. Food is not special to me. When I finish my first drafts I usually go camping. While camping I enjoy some good beer, bacon, bourbon and an expensive cigar with my feet up reading books made out of dead trees.

You cannot reward yourself too often though. It will dilute the effect. I reward myself on two days.
  • Completion of a first draft.
  • Publication Day.
--Find your own goal and reward. Make it happen. Finish things.

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