Friday, September 23, 2016

Fast Friday Indie Interviews: Marco Marek

Marco Marek

Tell me about yourself, Marco?

Well it’s not always easy to speak of yourself, but  I can say I'm a quiet person who likes to respect the rules, other people.  I’m willing to help others when I can. I have a lot of interests. I like painting and photography.   I also love travel and digital art.  I created my book cover with photoshop and I like to create banners of other amazing photos to promote my book. I like sports. Football or soccer as it is called in America, is my favorite sport, but I like also athletics, tennis, formula one and rally cars.  I go with my mountain bike very often. I have lot of imagination. Since I was kid, I created imaginary characters and new worlds. I tried to put all on paper and I'm happy I published it, though in a independent way, but it’s still amazing to have a book listed on Amazon. 

Tell me about your current Book:

When Mary and Martina find a portal to Hyperearth,they must save their newfound friends and defeat the evil Sathon or remain in Hyperearth forever.

Hyperearth is a fantasy book.  If you like magic, action, adventure, exploring new mysterious worlds, you can’t miss it.  Inside a castle in the city of Lubena, Mary and Martina find a portal to another dimension named Hyperearth. This will be the beginning of various adventures of these two teenage girls, fighting the evil Sathon, but also making new friendships and curious discoveries along the way.

What are you working on now?

My current work is a thriller, mystery, romance with suspense, I like to write fantasy  most, but I wanted to try a new genre so I wrote a new book. The title is Amstel Girl and it is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A young man is unfairly locked in a psychiatric hospital.  When he is released, troubles  start as people follow him.   He is contacted by gangs of underworld. Along the way, he meets a nice quirky girl with a strong attitude.  He starts a turbulent relationship with her.  He has a love/hate relationship with her.  He also  faces the thugs of underworld. They demand a new drug formula that he has hidden in his baggage.

Where is your favorite place to be when you write?
I write mostly at home. I just take notes when I have inspiration when I go to parks with my mountain bike. But my favorite location would be  among nature with the only noise of birds and wind.

What is your favorite Website?

Well I don't really have  a favorite website.  I often check the website of a model who iis my friend.  She gave permission to use her photo for my book cover of Amstel Girl.   Let’s say it is my favorite website  .  But I also check, a database of actors/actresses and sport websites.


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  1. Thanks Martin for the interview, if somebody would like ask me more about Hyperearth, I will answer with pleasure!