Friday, January 24, 2014

Writers Read

Last year I only read 71 books. My goal is usually 100 books but last year my back surgery put my reading on pause for two months.

I am currently reading S by J.J. Abrams. It is a multi-dimensional fictional noir mystery. It's complicated and full of awesome weirdness and mystery.

I realized that The Ship of Theseus is the perfect metaphor for my life. Does something which has had all its components replaced remain the same?

My wife says that I have had entire refits done twice already. She calls me, "The Changling". When I was 5 years old, 25 years old, and 50 years old I look like completely different people. I am The Ship of Theseus.

-- By the way, I am currently replacing major parts of my skeleton with metal...

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  1. I still have nightmares of people with their mouths sewn shut!