Monday, January 20, 2014

Writers Groups

Years ago when I was trying to write a Tech Noir Mystery novel, I attended a writers group pretty often. That group was at my favorite library twice a month. They still meet and I will be attending once again in the next few weeks. I really liked that group because it had published authors, new comers, poets, novelists, fiction, non-fiction, historic and others.

I always found that a good writers group helps me in many ways. I learn to be a better writer as people provide feedback to the shared pieces, not just mine. I can get feedback regarding my own works that can make them better. It gets me thinking about writing and encourages me to write.

We have a revived Writers Group at my church as well. Interesting people and stories and very social. We are just at the initial stages of getting organized.  It will be fun!

--I plan on revisiting that Tech Noir Mystery.

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