Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spelling and Grammar

I have tried to start 4 other novels in the past. I always got wrapped around the axle trying to be prefect as I wrote. Constantly checking, revising, editing as I went. Then I would go back and change it as I thought of something.

It crippled me to the point that I could not get past act 2 in a 3 act story.

I decided this time I was going to hammer through and never go back until the first draft was done.

I found it to be very productive. I wrote more, faster and hopefully better.

After my first cut/edit I have lined up my niece/friend Holly to do the spelling and grammar edit. She loves editing and I am lucky she is willing to take it on, FOR FUN!

--Action Adventure!

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  1. i read something recently that i think you'll find interesting. i'm paraphrasing here, but, "A first draft does not need to be perfect. It is already perfect, simply by existing."