Friday, January 10, 2014

What are the Odds?

I found out today that 17% of the population actually says they are going to write a novel. Only about 1% of the population actually finish a complete first draft.

Fewer still get published. Even though Self Publishing is now possible. It is a bit complicated, but not too much for me anyway.

I also read that most self-pubs are never really proof read or edited enough and suck because it that!

--I have made it this far! Now to power through.


  1. This is my biggest beef with self-published books. It has to read professional. When an author miss-uses "there"through the entire book, it really comes off amateur. Be prepared. This is the rocky part of the road!

  2. I have some excellent, very anal, OCD, spelling and gammar, Nazi friends and family that will hopefully keep me from looking like an idiot!

    BTW, I am good with: There, Their, They're and Your, You're and YORE!