Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Tools to take with you

I am heading out on a cross country road trip with my son on Monday. Washington DC to San Francisco CA. This is a serious road trip. In fact it may be the basis of a future book titled:

The Last Road Trip

We are driving. I rented a nice car. My son is moving to CA and it will be a great final vacation before he goes off and becomes an adult with his own life. But I am also bringing my brother Carls ashes to scatter in the Pacific. In many ways this is the last road trip. We are also going to drive into the Full Solar Eclipse. Who knows. The Zombie Apocalypse could break out. Then I'd have a story to write!

As a writer on the road there are a few must have items along the way.

  • Laptop with 12volt charger
  • iPhone (comms, camera, music player, research tool, eReader)
    • Kindle books
    • Audible books (to listen while I am driving)
    • Inspiration Music on MP3
  • Paper Notepads
  • Several pens and pencils
  • Headphones
I'm intentionally leaving things off the list, like pants. To write I don't need pants or commas. The cops and editors kind of insist you have them.

What are your required writing tools when you travel?

--Wish us luck. 

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