Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday Tips: Focus

I have learned that one of the biggest roadblocks on the way to getting your novel published is the inability to focus.

Distractions come in two different kinds with me: Internal and External.

Both of these are cured with discipline.

External Distractions:
  • Television
  • Facebook
  • The Internet
  • People
Internal Distraction:
  • Too many projects all at once
  • Waiting for the Muse
  • Lack of planning
  • Lying to yourself
  • Fear of failure
External distractions are the easy ones to fix. To focus, you need to turn off the TV. Having it on as background noise is bullshit. It is the same with Facebook/email/texts/phone or the Internet in general. Don't lie to yourself about it during your writing time. Writing time should be regular and sacred. People need to know that during your writing time you will be offline. No conversations. Some people, especially those with small children, cannot write at home. This is a major reason coffee shops are so popular for writers. After a while, you will have a Pavlovian association with writing in your writer's place.

Internal distractions are the hard ones. I was once crippled by having too many projects going all at once. Don't lie to yourself. ALL of those projects will suck because of lack of focus. I discovered the best method for me was to work on writing one Novel at a time on my computer and one Outline in long hand. I keep a notebook of those random ideas that hit, but NEVER start another project. Do not lie to yourself that it helps with writers block. The Muse is a lie. Writers Block is a lie. It is all Fear. Writing inspiration can only be found in work and discipline. DO NOT LIE TO YOURSELF. All your excuses are bullshit.

Finish things.

If you have the goal to actually publish not just one novel, but several, as a writer, carve out a place to write where you can focus. Carve out a method that allows you to finish one book before moving on to the next. Keep your mind focused on the goal.


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