Friday, July 22, 2016

Fast Friday Indie Interviews: Sue Rovens

Sue Rovens

Tell me about yourself, Sue?

Sue Rovens is a suspense/horror indie author who enjoys writing eerie and disturbing stories. She also turns into a quivering blob at the sight of most animals. Sue enjoys collecting antique advertising, old radios and clocks, watching movies, reading, and cheese. She also runs, but doesn't enjoy it all that much.

Tell me about your current Book:

BADFISH IS A TOWN DROWNING IN ITS OWN CIRCLE OF HELL. Misogynist motel owner Karl Demetris has an insatiable desire for money and power. In order to line his pockets, he leads an underground drug ring, but soon discovers a cheaper substance to peddle. The effects on its victims are ghastly and horrifying.

Strip club owner and public masturbator extraordinaire, Donald Bickley, is the only person in a position to stop this atrocity. Though he has his own demons to battle, the future of Badfish rests in his sticky hands. Donald will need to pull himself together long enough to save the town.

Badfish is an eclectic and quick read. It truly is like nothing you’ve read before. It melds drugs, strippers, masturbation and a horrific motel together – and it works. The motel is based on a REAL one from the author’s  personal experience.

What are you working on now?

A novel (probably will be the same length as Badfish) about a haunted train station in Germany.

Where is your favorite place to be when you write?

Anyplace that’s quiet.

What is your favorite Website?



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