Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Life of a Story

When I first started this blog and this story I was thinking that I would simply self publish it to Kindle just to be able to easily share it with my friends and family.

This is the original cover I made for the story of Roland Barcus, maintenance guy number 42.

As time went by I found that I truly loved to write. I love to drink coffee and make stuff up. I never expected for people to enjoy reading it as much I I enjoyed writing it.

I write the kind of stories I like to read. Something with hard scifi, action, adventures, emotions, conflict, well developed characters and even a bit of romance amongst the genocide!

My book quickly became a trilogy.

While I was writing I began learning about the publishing industry. I learned a lot. My original title was "FALLING" and I learned to search Amazon for your title and found hundreds of romances with the same title. I met and talked to authors, agents and publishers and learned about Independent Authors and Print on Demand Publishing. I some how stumbled my way through and never expected to be so successful.

Both of my first two novels Hit number 1 in the Hard Science Fiction categories on Amazon.

Then I learned about the glorious world of Audio Books on Audible.com. Once again I stumbled through and managed to navigate the process and find a great producer to make wonderful unabridged audio editions of my books for Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Today I am on vacation feeling very fortunate. I wanted to thank all my readers around the world for your interest and support.

And my cat Bailey. Best cat in the known universe...

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