Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Socialize

One thing that has helped me almost more than anything else is hanging out with other writers.

Here is a simple list of the various ways:

  • Take a class about writing.
  • Join a writers critique group.
  • Use meetup.com and find groups of working writers.
  • Meet aspiring writers.
  • Drink lots of coffee.
  • Do NANOWRIMO meetups.
  • Go to lit conferences.
  • Join FB groups.

I attend one group of writers that meets monthly. They call themselves a group of drinkers with a writing problem. They just meet and eat and drink and talk about writing. It's fun and social and not only do I enjoy the interaction and learn something now and then, I can study all kinds of people.

Another group I know talks exclusively about screenplays. Another is all about editing. Another is dedicated to the genres I love.

I get energized by interacting and talking with other authors. Some of them are introverts and it may be the only outside human interaction they ever get!

All work and no play makes Marty a dull boy.

Get out there and talk to other writers about the craft and the business of writing. It will make you a better writer.

--It will also make you a happier person.

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