Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Just do it

If you read this blog you already know my brother died this week.

I always tell people to write every day, even if you don't feel like it. To say I don't feel like it today is a massive understatement.

I hope to begin getting back into my regular routine today. I have already dropped a family member off at the airport today, at 3:30am. Groan... I pick up my brothers ashes today. I get his death certificates and finish the closure of a life. I will probably nap. I will cook dinner.

I will also write for two hours.

The pain that remains from the process of escorting my brother to oblivion will likely loom large into today's chapter.

It has made it easy to know who will be in the dedication of my next novel.

--Lessons in life are said to make me a better writer. I'd rather be a crappy writer and have my brother back...

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