Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Audio Editions

All of my novels are also available in Audio Editions via Amazon, Audible and iTunes. When I was a new author the entire industry seemed daunting. There were so many details. Everything was so expensive.

When STILL FALLING was published I quickly started receiving requests for the release date of the Audio Edition on Audible. I took time and researched how books were created on Audible. Fellow authors pointed me to ACX.com.

ACX is like a dating web site. You create a profile, you add your book, the cover, a description, some simple metadata and an audition chapter. I like to pick a chapter that has mixed, multi-character, dialog and emotional content. After it's listed on AXC, producers and narrators will begin sending you auditions.

Here are some random tips:
  • Don't decide too quickly. Make sure you get multiple auditions that you can compare side by side.
  • Listen to them carefully as you are reading the text.
  • There are a couple types of contracts you can choose from:
    • Pay them Per Finished Hour (PFH). This model allows you to pay the producer between $50 to $1000 PFH. This means if your book is 10 hours long and you are paying $100 PFH the project will cost $1000 total. You will receive all the royalties in this contract type.
    • You can also make a royalty share agreement. This type of deal does not cost the author any cash up front. The producer pays for the narrator, studio time and post production editing. In exchange, they get half the royalties for seven years (in my contracts). 
  • If you select the a Royalty Share agreement a good producer also has a vested interest in the Audio Edition. They will market the title through their channels. The Narrator may also have fans that will bring people to the title.
  • When first starting out a lower out of pocket startup cost is very attractive.
  • Create a document that contains character descriptions, name and place pronunciations. Maybe even record these. It's easy on your phone.
  • Another option is that you can record the audio yourself. It's a lot of work but some authors are also great narrators.
    • It takes about six hour for each finished hour of audio.
    • Have professional gear and a silent studio to record. Sounds of traffic, dogs barking, and screaming kids, or you AC unit, are not great for listeners. 
  • You will have final approval for each chapter. Listen to them carefully.
--I highly recommend Audio Edition. They are fun and another great revenue stream!

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