Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Covers

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.  Don't believe it. You could have the best story in the world and it your cover is crap, it won't sell. Cover problems is a common issue with Indie Authors.

The biggest tip here is that the cover should target your audience at a glance from six feet away. The art needs to be professional.

Make yourself a checklist for your covers. I have started one that includes the following:

Front Cover:

  • Is your title unique?
  • Are the Fonts easy to read?
  • Is the text too close to the edge?
  • Is the artwork engaging and professional?
  • Does the artwork represent the book?
  • Do the artwork and text work well together?
  • Can you read the cover from six feet away?
  • Can you read it as a thumbnail?

Back Cover:

  • Is the text blurb easy to read?
  • Is the text too close to the edge?
  • Does the blurb have a hook that will attract readers?
  • Does the blurb tell the reader too much?
  • Does the text include the book price?

The Spine:

  • Is the spine easy to read from six feet away?

The Finish:

  •  Is it better with glossy or mat finish? 

When Indie Authors are this close to publication they might rush the cover creation/review process. Try not to rush it. I like establishing the cover before the first draft is complete. It gives me more time for tuning.

--Covers are super important. Give them the attention they deserve.

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