Monday, March 13, 2017

Read: The Space Scavengers

Last week I read The Space Scavengers by Cleve Cartmill.

My friend David Keener loaned me this book. I was brainstorming a new novel in our writers group about a deep space salvage team and it made him think of this.

This was published in 1975 and was really a snapshot in time for the post pulp no mans land of Science Fiction.

Here is the back cover description:

It was fun stuff and a quick easy read at less than 190 pages.

Cleve Cartmill  was an American writer of science fiction and fantasy short stories. He is best remembered for what is sometimes referred to as "the Cleve Cartmill affair", when his 1944 story "Deadline" attracted the attention of the FBI by reason of its detailed description of a nuclear weapon similar to that being developed by the highly classified Manhattan Project.

--Thanks, Dave!  I had fun.

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