Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tuesday Tips: Deadlines

Today's tip is regarding the dreaded Deadline.

I am an Indie Published Author. The thing I like most about being an IPA is that I am the boss. Consequently, I am the one that sets all my deadlines.

Since I published my first novel I have been publishing a new novel every six months. In that period, I have several self-imposed deadlines.
  • Concept
  • Outline
  • First Draft
  • Second Draft
  • Third Draft
  • Editor Delivery
  • Revisions
  • Beta Reads
  • Final Draft
Being the Boss, I have business related deadlines with my Accountant, Lawyer, Editor, Beta Readers and Cover Artists.

The best way for me to avoid the stress of deadlines is to maintain discipline. Write daily. Just keep kicking the can down the field. You also need to forgive missed deadlines and reward deadlines met.

--Deadlines are not the enemy. Procrastination is the villain.

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