Friday, December 30, 2016

Fast Friday Indie Interviews: Emma Mohr

Emma Mohr

Tell me about yourself, Emma?

Emma Mohr is a Midwestern girl who happens to be a writer. She loves reading, her three cats, and fiancée. Makeup is a secret obsession, and coffee is what separates the waking and dreaming worlds for her. When she isn't writing or reading, you can find her on the couch drinking wine and playing video games. Sometimes, you can find her camping, and hiking when she's feeling really frisky.

Tell me about your current Book:

The relationship disaster may have met her match.

After a long line of bad dates, Amy is a little hesitant to go on a blind date. Even more so since it was her best friend Jenny who set it up, who has a bad habit of setting her up with jerks. After much begging from Jenny, Amy agree to go on the date. That is how she met Charles. Charles who is good looking, wealthy, and somehow, still single. He also likes Amy. Is it too good to be true? Is it fate? Or is there something darker keeping this man from happiness?

The Lovely Garden is about two people trying to find love and a sister that will do anything to make her brother miserable. It’s a cute love story that will make you laugh, but it has dark and heart-wrenching moments as well. It is a hard novel to put down.

What are you working on now?

A first book of a paranormal romance series. The love is between Sophia Thatcher and Lucifer. It will more than likely be the same length as The Lovely Garden. The title of this book will be Betting on the Devil.

Where is your favorite place to be when you write?

I don’t really have a favorite place. I just write where I can.

What is your favorite Website?

Imdb. I really love movies.


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