Monday, August 15, 2016

Reading: Fugitive From Asteron

While I was on vacation I read, Fugitive From Asteron by Gen LaGreca.

It's a fast read. I read it in a day, in my hammock, between naps!

Here is the description from Amazon:

In a grim world of tyranny, one man struggles to survive. In a place where life is cheap, he prizes his. Where work is drudgery, he gets the one job he wants. Where passion is extinct, he loves a beautiful woman. Then he loses everything.

Arial is an ace pilot who is imprisoned for sedition by Feran, the brutal ruler of Planet Asteron. The young rebel is pushed to desperation when he’s sentenced to undergo an unbearable punishment.

Feran is about to embark on a vital mission that is shrouded in the highest secrecy. But in a death-defying escape, Arial steals his ruler’s spacecraft, foiling his plans. The ship takes the fugitive on Feran’s pre-programmed course, with a mysterious cargo aboard.

Arial’s life is about to change forever—and with it, the fate of two planets.

During the stormy events that seize his life, Arial is drawn to two women. Reevah is the proud Asteronian whose strong will sets her apart in a society where all must obey. She lives for her stolen moments with Arial. But will her love for him seal her doom?

Kristin is the high-spirited woman of another world who falls in love with the handsome stranger who lands on her planet. But will she discover the secret of his past that will make him her mortal enemy?

This book was given to my by a friend in my writers group because they know I love Scifi and Dystonian novels. This is both. What I didn't know is that it was a Young Adult level.  It has themes about the evils of socialist collectivism and the goodness of free market capitalism.

I think the story would have been better served as a true adult novel. Rate it R and give impact to the sex and violence the was glazed over for the younger audience.

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