Monday, May 2, 2016

Writers Life

I never get writers block but there are things that stop me from writing enough. Some of them are obvious. Others, not so much.
  • Work. I have a full time job. I usually write for a couple hours after work. If I work late, it is my writing time that suffers.
  • Traffic. I live in Northern Virginia, West of Washington DC. Where it is the worst commute in the country.
  • Sleep. If I don't get enough sleep it is difficult for me to write.
  • Hunger. Man it is distracting if my belly is growling.Many a chapter has been written after some toast.
  • Visitors. If friends or family stop in unexpectedly during writing time, it doesn't happen. We have an open door policy at my house and love visitors.
  • Cats. Sometimes Bailey is very demanding and decides to lay down on the laptop.It requires closed doors at times and even then the yowling is distracting. 
That's just a quick list. Random stuff can also distract. I just make sure to leave the TV off and do NOT open Facebook. They can be black holes.

--Now I'm hungry!

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