Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday Tips: Scrivener Starts

Today's tip is about Scrivener. In my last tip I talked about how I do outlining. One of the last steps was to place the scene by scene outline into Scrivener index cards.

There are several other setup things I do in scrivener.

There are a lots of Youtube videos that show you features and methods in the tool.
  • Enter your character names under the Character folder
  • Add their descriptions and features
  • Use Google and find images of actors that match the character
  • Save the actor photos in the character folders
I also create profiles of various things:
  • Places, planets, cities, locations
  • Ships, space ships, shuttles, ground transports
  • Important objects, books, relics, devices
  • Maps, regions, floor plans, ship layouts
  • Web links and any other things that are important
All of this happens before I start writing the meat onto the bones.

--I love Scrivener!

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