Monday, November 30, 2015


Seanan McGuire aka Mira Grant
I attended Chessiecon this weekend.

I got to meet Seanan McGuire. She writes so many things, in fact, that she had to become her own evil twin, Mira Grant, in order to publish them all. She is prolific. So much so she had multiple publishers and suffers complex rules for her work

She is a good story teller. Almost stand-up comedian funny. She didn't talk about writing or publishing or her tools of methods. I suppose that is boring for her. Plus her love of frogs is funnier.

She is very open for readers and fans. Funny mostly but has serious moments.

The conference was a nice size. The hotel where it was located was the perfect scale. I attended several panel discussions only one of which was weak.

--Next year I plan on attending again as an author on panels.

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