Friday, November 3, 2017

Fast Friday Interviews: Lucille Moncrief

 Lucille Moncrief

Tell me about yourself, Lucille.

I write in a lot of genres because I can’t really make up my mind. I have several series in the horror, contemporary romance, and paranormal erotic romance genres. Most of my work is dark and morbid with steampunk elements. I had a very dysfunctional childhood, what can I say? I suppose my experiences shaped my work. And by ‘shaped’ I mean bent it toward the macabre and phantasmagorical.

I like to read the classics, and a lot of non-fiction, mostly military history. I’m currently reading Survivors of Stalingrad by Reinhold Busch.

When I’m not reading or writing, I have a habit of yelling at the kids to get off my lawn. If the lawn is undisturbed, I drink a lot of coffee and stare out my window, pretending to be pensive. I also do a bit of editing, ghostwriting, and email marketing on the side.

Tell me about your current Book:

My current book is a paranormal historical fiction novelette that will be free from Nov. 3 to Nov. 5.
It’s illustrated, about vampires in WW1. Although it is part of my Nefarious series, I have written it as a standalone.

The blurb along with some quotes:
If you like dark and gritty tales, war stories and the supernatural, you’ll love this standalone short of Lucille Moncrief’s Nefarious series.

Is eternal guilt the price of human empathy?

"Suspenseful and sophisticated."

"Nefarious is hauntingly good and captivating."

"Yet again, this author blows my mind."

While the bombs rain overhead, Talcott Henderson and a group of fellow soldiers huddle in the cratered ground beneath the German front lines. Through the never-ending din of enemy fire, the voracious, blood-soaked machine of war haunts Talcott. Memories claw at him; kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. In the bowels of the earth a specter appears, and offers him an eternal life free of guilt.

But what is the cost of an unmarred soul?

Grab your copy today, travel through time, and escape into a breathtaking new world!

*Includes custom illustrations


“The parting of our lips was the spark of fire to gunpowder, and the keg of our longing exploded.”
“He had the look of a man who knew what he was doing and had done it a thousand times before – his face set hard in singular determination – the flame in his eyes roaring to the denouement.”
“Dauntless in my newfound immortality, I stood on the fireboard and peered over the edge of the trench, indifferent to the commotion around me. I possessed the bloodthirsty focus of a predator. My bones sang with the music of a killing feast, and the flame behind my eyes waxed murderous.”

You can find it here on Amazon:

What are you working on now?

Right now, I’m working on the fourth volume of the Nefarious series. This is part of my steampunk, dark erotic paranormal romance line. It is called “The Dirigible Airship Disaster” and is slated for a crash landing mid-December.

Where is your favorite place to be when you write?

Alone. In my room. Did I mention alone?

What is your favorite lesson you have learned about the business of writing?

That it is a business; always has been, always will be. Even Edgar Allan Poe had to learn branding.

What is your favorite Website?



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