Friday, November 10, 2017

Aven Shore

Aven Shore

What can I say about Aven Shore?

I guess I will start with the obvious. Aven is the Narrator of my most recent novel, Virtues of the Vicious.

She is strong, intelligent, capable, creative and has become a friend worth having. I also think she's beautiful.

This is from her official bio:

Aven Shore has finally figured out how to read books for a living.  She narrates audiobooks with glee from a tiny house in the woods on the East Coast, and when not reading, may be found answering the whims of her chickens or writing letters on paper.  Aven is also a beekeeper, gardener, traveling hermit, and student of Icelandic. 

A lifelong adoration of reading, coupled with a steadfast DIY ethic, led 21st-century renaissance woman Aven Shore to pursue freelance audiobook narration. Aven reads to you from a solar-powered studio in the tiny off-grid house in the woods she designed and built by hand from reclaimed materials. Her time is otherwise spent gardening, raising chickens, keeping bees, tending a heritage apple orchard, rehabilitating and slowly reclaiming her farm and woodlot near an abandoned gold mine in Nova Scotia, Canada.

She was a carpenter, firefighter, blogger, avid reader of books made of dead trees, tax preparer, rescuer of animals and competitive snowboarder. All that and she lives in the woods, in a tiny house, off grid.

--When she is not dreaming of Iceland... who am I trying to kid... She constantly dreams of Iceland.