Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Text to Voice

I read really fast. In fact I go so fast I don't really even see the words as I'm reading. My mind sees what the words represent. My mind ignores a lot as it blazes down the page. I see an "Elephant" in my mind, I don't read the word E l e p h a n t.

This is great. I get lost in books. I see and feel and smell the books.

It sucks when I am editing.

One of the tools and methods I use to help me is Text to Voice. Computer generated speech has gotten really good.

All I do is save the document as a .PDF, open the PDF and select VIEW menu, click on READ OUT LOUD.

This will allow you to listen to the book. I usually follow along in the MSWord doc. I am amazed how many times I repeat words like "and and" or use the word "Though" when I wanted "Through".

Doing this will also keep you focused. Put on headphones and roll. 

--I'm almost done with Virtues of the Vicious. I'm listening!

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