Monday, February 27, 2017


David Weber
This weekend I attended Mysticon in Roanoke Virginia.

 I was a really good conference for me. I learned a lot and met a ton of interesting people.

Most notable of the people I met was David Weber. It's really good to know that burly men with gray goatee beards can get a head.

His talk was really interesting about his life, his books, his health scare last year, family and much more. He's a regular guy and his wife is a hoot.

I also got to meet Tony Todd and Sherilyn Fenn.

I also met several other Scifi authors. You will even see some of them in future Friday interviews.

I attended multiple panels about Screenwriting. I learned a lot about the craft and the market. I had multiple land mines pointed out with methods to avoid them.

One other topic that was really interesting to me was a new Scifi/Fantasy genre that is emerging called Wierd West. It is basically old west Scifi or Fantasy. Sometimes Steampunk like Wild Wild West. Sometimes its Scifi like the HBO series West World or the movie Cowboys and Aliens. All of it is fun stuff and may find it's way into my writing one day.

--Mysticon was great. I liked it better because my wife Brenda came along to hunt for PEZ!

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