Friday, February 17, 2017

Fast Friday Indie Interviews: Julian Green

Julian Green

Tell me about yourself Mr Green?

*Stares into the middle-distance, mouth opening and closing silently*

*Sigh* What did you do before you became a writer Mr Green?

Oh. I worked in Finance. Equities specialist. Lord Wilsey.

And then you decided to become an author?

Well, yes.

Something pretty major must have occurred for such a dramatic shift. Tell me.

Yes, Lord Wilsey. Well, being in finance I saw a unique side of the 9/11 event, and I watched how the world changed in order to regain that feeling of safety. You know all the ways in which we cut our freedoms.  N-Not that your Lordship did er… Anyway, on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11 this idea for a story snuck into my head and wouldn’t leave, Your Lordship. And then this muse showed up and started pummeling my brain with her thick-knuckled fists until I wrote it down. She was horribly cruel to me your Lordship. It’s her fault I tell you!

Allow me to take his photo for our records. Smile Mr Green. 

Tell me about your current Book:

Um, How do I distill more than a hundred thousand words into a single sentence? How do I make the years of bloody soul ink squeezed onto the page sound amazing? Oh, I get it you want the elevator pitch your Lordship. Some stunning brilliance in twenty seconds that makes jaws drop and panties loosen.
*Sigh* Panties, really? What’s your book about? 
*Suave look* Blah. *Drops mic* Double finger pistols. Walks away.
No. You cannot leave until you tell me what the book is about.
*Tries for a suave look…fails* It’s called Suffrage your Lordship. I picked that title because the word suffrage literally means ‘the ability to choose’. Without choice, we aren’t free. And the novel, and ultimately the series, explores what are we prepared to do for freedom. The underlying message is Freedom versus Control and the choices we make.

I See. And how do you do that?

It’s a new adult novel. (yes, it’s a thing ), in a scifi yet modern setting.

Scifi yet modern? That doesn’t make sense man. 

*Looks panicked* T-There’s a t-team of people centered about someone called Juliet. I mean Jay…no Juliet; a-and her parents, who are killers, sort-of, I mean they kill people, but only the bad people…oh and some robots. A-and her brother, who’s meant be dead, he’s in there too. And a sarcastic Australian musician by the name of Snake, I mean Adder, I mean Snake. And - and a pissed off bad guy. Well, he’s a bit broken. And a scientist. And there’s like this ship, no not on the water type ship, and not a spaceship. A different kind of ship. And some of the characters can do strange things, and there’s hints about aliens and and…  

Stop babbling man!

M-my beta readers love the b-book! They say things like “Masterful bookend” and “Brilliant can’t wait for Book 2!!” I made my editor dream about the book!! I’ve read it more than thirty times looking for mistakes and I still like it!!! You can read a bit on the website for free. You can even pre-order now! There’s a button!!!! I don’t know what it does but there’s a button!!!!! I’ll even sign it just for you!!! 

Calm down Mr Green, it’s just a few more questions. 


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh *Throws cookies and runs away*

Someone bring him back before he finds the electric fence.

What does your book look like Mr Green?

Oh, um here it is. Swanky eh?

Is that a dragon on the cover? You didn’t mention that before.

Well, One of the Royals is named The Dragon because...reasons, and there’s other stuff on the cover. Can you see the Compass Rose? A-And the Ouroborus? And the title kinda hides the Lotus flower and the Sun. They are all the symbols of the Royals, who are my main antagonists. Maybe I should show you the artwork it’s based off?

What is this Mr Green?

Oh, an artist did an actual painting. That’s it hanging on my wall. I’m giving it away to one of the first 1000 people to buy a paperback. Look, you can see where she used modeling clay to create a 3d effect on the compass rose, because the first bad guy is Heinrich and that’s his symbol - *Claps hand over mouth* Ooh I shouldn’t have said that. Forget that bit.

Hmmm. What are you working on now Mr. Green?

Um, I’ve nearly finished the second draft of book two which is tentatively titled “Unfettered.” I want to release at least one book a year in the series. I’m also working on some short stories, one of which is accepted into the Futurevision anthology being released later this year called “Bad Hair Day.”

I see. Where is your favorite place to be when you write?

Er, I have a comfy couch You Lordship. Or if it’s too hot I sit in my garden under my avocado tree. My cat likes to sit next to me and watch me write. She doesn’t have accusing eyes. Well, not often.

What is your favorite lesson you have learned about the business of writing Mr Green?

Never piss of your muse. Ooh. Sorry Your Lordship, that just slipped out.

What is your favorite Website?

Um, I really don’t have one. But you didn’t look at my browser history did you? I swear I’m not a terrorist or a serial killer Your Lordship. Please have mercy Your Lordship. All that was research. Research I tell you.

*Sigh* Give me your links Mr Green:

 Amazon: Er, It should be set up in a couple of weeks my Lord. You can pre-order now through the website, if you want a paperback copy. Otherwise you can search for me on Amazon. It’ll be there soon I swear it. By the Monarchs I swear it will be there soon. 

You may depart Mr Green.
Thank-you Lord Wilsey. Thank-you.  Sorry I threw cookies at you.

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