Saturday, January 2, 2016

Shorts Collection

Coming in 2016
This week I was working on my short story collection for the Solstice 31 Saga that I will be publishing this summer or fall.

I have the first five shorts done and available for free via the links to the right.

All these stories give a little more dimension to the complex universe I have created.

Anyway, I was formatting the book using a few of the more advanced features like hot-linked-table-of-contents. I was also selecting the cover art and formatting the books interior.

In a classic jug head move, I accidentally published the thing. It speaks to how easy the publishing interface works if you just click the wrong link it happens!

For about an hour you could have purchased it on Amazon. I have since stopped it but an important lesson was learned.

Do not rush. This is not an emergency. 

I love the fact that in Indie publishing I am the one that is in control. I just have to always remember that I am the one that is driving this bus! 

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