Friday, January 5, 2018


Martin Wilsey
It is starting to sink in that I will be retired soon.

2018 is going to be so different in My World.
  • I will be retired at 58 after 35 years of employment.
  • I will be a Full-Time Author.
  • I will have an empty nest with all my children all grown and on their own.
  • I weigh what I did in 1976.
  • I will be getting superfit.
  • I will travel more.
  • I will spend more time outside.
  • I will camp more.
  • I will get back into photography.
  • I will buy more new clothes.
  • I will simplify. 
  • I will drink coffee and make stuff up.
  • I will record my first audio book.

--I may also sneak in a nap. 


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