Saturday, January 13, 2018

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Silence of the Apoc

Tannhauser Press Call for Submissions.

This is the foundation document for the short stories in the SILENCE of the APOC anthology.

Here is a set of common items all the submissions must include:
  • The stories will be set after the Zombie Apocalypse has occurred. It could be the day it hit or a year later. It struck in the spring of 2017. The stories are from various locations around the world.
  • Society was utterly destroyed in less than a month. No government, no media, no power grid remains.
  • No one knows why or how it happened. None of the stories will solve that mystery.
  • Anyone that dies for any reason will become a zombie. The dead will turn Two to Ten minutes after they die, even if they were not bitten.
  • Zombies can only be killed with the destruction of the brain.
  • The zombies dry out and mummify the older they get. They will last potentially for decades.
  • Zombies hear and see and smell to find prey. It’s all they do.
  • They will eat any mammal they can catch. Cats, dogs, rats, cows, horses, deer.
  • Zombies get slower the older they get. Fresh ones can run and fight hard. Old zombies are shamblers.
  • Zombie bites will not kill you outright. You die in 24 to 48 hours. Symptoms include sweating, extreme thirst, eventually fear of water (like rabies: Hydrophobia).
  • These stories should be character driven and about survival. They are not stories the figure out how it happened.
  • Stories will take place in a variety of locations: Urban, suburban and rural. Even desolate places. The focus is on survival.
  • Stories should be 5,000 to 20,000 words.
  • Authors will be paid between $25 and $100 per story if accepted, with signed agreement.
  • All submissions are to be delivered in MSWord format. Garamond 12 will be used. Scene changes will be separated by “ *** ”.
  • SILENCE of the APOC will be Rated R.
  • Volume 2 and 3 are already planned so the deadline is continuous. 
--Please direct any questions to Martin Wilsey,

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