Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Familily Support

Brenda Reiner - Trophy Wife
If you want to really become a successful author, there is an essential element that often gets ignored: Family support.

It's good to have a supportive family in any walk of life. But if you are a writer, just starting out, their support can make or break your efforts.

My wife, Brenda, is one of the keys to my success.
  • She encourages me.
  • She respects my writing time.
  • She didn't complain about the money I spent on my first novel for a professional editor and cover. 
  • She is an excellent sounding board for ideas.
  • She is my most trusted Beta reader.
  • She gifts me with the time to work.
  • She is proud of my efforts.
My first novel quickly made back all the money I invested into it. Never having to dip into the household accounts again made continuing easier.

Carving out two hours a day was harder than I thought in the beginning. I did NOT take it out of my family time, or my household chores time. I quit watching sitcoms and other stupid TV shows that were trying to just sell me soap and Viagra. I also reduced time on Facebook, a time suck machine.

Brenda liked that my "New Hobby" was not dangerous or expensive. She saw me having fun with it. She helped me with book signings and office space and being generally awesome. She likes traveling with me to attend literary conferences.

I'll admit writing is far easier with my kids grown up and out on their own. My office stays the way I left it. And there is way less screaming and running and random food to step in. I miss that.

-A good home life is the best foundation for you as a writer. Make it happen.

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