Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Year in Review

Light at the end of 2017
Looking back at 2017 is kind of tough for me. In general, it was not a good year in my world. It was not all bad, but the thing on the problematic side of the scale all cause me to lose momentum in writing.

So here is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from 2017.

On the Blogging front:

Not writing stuff involved with authoring:

Writing in 2017:
  • I wrote stories for three anthologies
  • I wrote two more novels.
  • I wrote 17 chapters in my personal memoir.
  • I wrote 5 original ghost stories.
  • I outlined my next three novels. 
  • I documented ideas and concepts for about 400 more projects.
  • I wrote 15 original short stories (unpublished).
  • I wrote almost daily until things got complicated...
Carl Wilsey

Personal life had too many monkey wrenches:
  • My Brother Carl died suddenly from cancer.  
  • My Son moved to California, and we had a great, but bittersweet, cross-country road trip.
  • My wife fell down the stairs and horribly broke her leg. (She's fine now)
  • All these monkey wrenches were necessary distractions from writing.
  • My next novel SHADOWS OF THE SENTINEL is two months behind schedule.

It wasn't all bad news:
  • I began a fitness plan in 2017, and it's working for once!
  • I have lost over 100 pounds total so far.
  • I have not been this thin/healthy since 1976.
  • Book sales have skyrocketed.
  • I have met significant financial goals in my life.
  • I plan to become a full-time Author in 2018. 
  • I have family and friends that love me. Old and new.

I have High Hopes for 2018:
  • I will have two or three novels to be published.
  • I will appear in three or four anthologies.
  • I will transition to Full-Time author. (I wonder if my boss reads this?)
  • I will become super fit!
  • I will spend more time outdoors.
  • I will camp more.
  • I will travel a bit more.
  • I will relax and enjoy my shoes... 

--Goodbye 2017. And good riddance. 

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