Friday, December 1, 2017

The Fast Friday Interviews: T.M. Slay

T.M. Slay

Tell me about yourself?

I've been writing for 15 years because I was told I couldn't do it. So...of course I did it! And then some. Doctors also told me I couldn't have I did that and then some! I'm a proud mama of 5 children, and I'd love to have more. Yea, that's what happens without cable. Also I have a few fur babies. If you've seen my "story time", then you've seen my horses. They're all rescues, and I couldn't love them more. So, do I have it all? Not quite. Why not? Well, I have a dream for greater things. I want a foundation to save more horses, I want to expand my writing. I want more children, and I want to impact the world in better ways. I mean, don't we all want better for our world? Ok, I concede, maybe we don't ALL want better, some like the world strangled and stuffed down in a garbage can.

It helps further agenda that way. But me? I want more readers to find me so I can send them to more awesome writers who will show them to others. Only with open minds and hearts will we ever improve anything, and I truly believe that even fantasy and romance hold the powers to do such things. For if we can hold open our hearts and minds and strive for more, our legacies to our children and our grandchildren will be even more than any amount of possessions would ever be.

Tell me about your current Book: 

Legend Mine, Book 3: The Kataran Series

As Reignor royalty, Terrah has always known her duty--until the deay her Kataran father was murdered. A price on her head, her trust shattered, Terrah is devestated when it seems neither her mother's gods, nor her father's, are able to point her toward the truth. In order to keep her safe and find the culprit, her brother, the new king, has called in the best protection in Rignor Galaxy...

Jacob, the Legendary Ancient Warrior of Warriors of the Katara, is going on what he believes to be his last mission -- finding who murdered his mentor. Secrets are plentiful on the mysterious planet of Reignor,and Terrah's help is strained at best. The woman is walking, talking trouble. Too Bad he needs her in more ways than he cares to admit...

It seems her father wasn't the only target, and his death was only the beginning. As more information comes to light, Jacob is no longer simply solving a murder, but he's also been tasked with securing the small planet and keeping intergalactic peace. Jacob commands Legendary skills, Terrah the Legendary Fire, and together they have The Universe to help them find the truth. But will the truth alone be enough to bring a murderer to justice, keep Terrah safe, and prevent Reignor from invasion? Jacob isn't sure, but he's damn well determined to try.

What are you working on now? 

Book 4 of The Kataran Series; Treading Water, Book 1 The Atlantean Series; & The WarLord's Bride

Where is your favorite place to be when you write? 

Either my home office, or while sitting in bed...

What is your favorite lesson you have learned about the business of writing? 

Never give up, and always give 150%!

What is your favorite Website?



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