Friday, April 1, 2016

Fast Friday Indie Interviews: Susan Elizabeth Girard

Susan Elizabeth Girard

Tell me about yourself, Susan?

I am a West Coaster. A Metaphysician. A Philosopher.  I am an Environmentalist, a Humanitarian…an Earth Mother.  I am a Shamanic Priestess. I grew up in a traditional Christian family, youngest of 4, but my spiritual curiosity led me to

Transcendental Meditation in my early 20’s which sparked a desire to study the Eastern philosophies.  I have always been a Spiritualist since I was a young child, channeling spirit through imagination and then automatic writing, so I have been writing since I was very little, scribbling, doodling, printing , writing, keyboarding.  First poetry, then song lyrics and short stories and now a novel.

Tell me about your current Book:

It will take you on a journey into the Temperate Rainforest with Savannah as she ventures into a Parallel Zone and discovers a whole new Reality.  She discovers a little prototype homestead where she learns how to exist back in her conscious World.  Some Quantum leaping, soul flying takes place and she finds herself in a Realm that helps her survive in her everyday waking World.  She learns how to contribute on a global level to the Reality World she lives in.

Her Teachers in her meditative state are Ascended Masters, Sages, Angels, Spirit Guides and other travelling souls on the Universal Road.  So, what will you get out of this book?  A Reader’s Digest version of many of the Major World Religious faith practices delivered to enlighten you and make you think.  A lesson in stylized wilderness survival.  An honest approach to Earthly sustainability on an individualistic level.

You will meet some amazing characters with a lot of evolutionary wisdom.  A unique read on a contemporary issue.  This book is extremely well researched and descriptive in nature and you will enter the pages looking forward with anticipation to each little chapter delivered in 41 mini vignettes. This is cutting edge New Thought mindset for the 21st century.

What are you working on now?

I am formulating thoughts on continuing the story with ‘the Saga’ writing the next book in this series.  If so, it will be part two, but with more meat and substance.  Taking on the darker side and contemplating the negative connotations of its message. Such a metaphor really for the current day World we live in.

What is your favorite beverage while you write? 

Tea, I drink steaming hot pots of the ‘brew’ so famous throughout the pages of the book.

What is your favorite Website

From a Canadian perspective I like MSN news…finding out what is going on in the World and I connect locally with CTV News and I like The Guardian from Charlottetown for an East Coast perspective…?   I also like Wikipedia, Craigslist, Youtube, ebay, CNN.  I’m a researcher, as you will discover from reading my book, so I spend a lot of time in search engines.


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