Saturday, February 1, 2014

Research is Important

I say it again and again, writers should read.

They should also admit to themselves when they don't know something. I really hate it when authors don't research a topic and get fundamental details wrong on something.

I know a lot about firearms. When I read a scene that includes the "The Glocks safety makes a loud click behind his head." I scream at the book, "Glocks don't have safeties.!" It breaks the moment.

Knowing this, it makes it easier to admit I don't know everything.

My book has a character trying to survive in a ruin that now has shelter but does not really know how to cook anything but simple things.  Along comes another character that recognizes and knows how to use a wood fired oven, a cauldron, and fireplace hardware specifically designed for primitive cooking. I had to research these topics.

--Even baking bread is far more complex than I ever knew.

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