Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Details, details... The Hell is in the Details.

Today I am doing the publishing production work on my Writers Group next Anthology.

This book is titled BLACK MARKET and will be my 28th publication in Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, KDP interface. Every time I do another book in there, it gets a little easier, and the book’s set up, cover design, and interior design get a little better.

There are a thousand and one little details to manage in there to craft a professional product. The best way I have found to do it is fundamental checklists.
  • Kindle Edition Checklists
  • Trade Paperback Edition Checklists
  • Hardcover Edition Checklists
  • Audio Edition Checklists
  • Post Release Checklists
  • Marketing Checklists
You get the idea. There are a few that get a more significant workout.
  • Cover Design Checklists
  • Interior Design Checklists
These lists are LONG and grow every time I publish another book.

--One of these days, I’ll publish a book that is ALL CHECKLISTS!


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