Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Another Story Published

This week lots of good stuff is happening.

My short story THE WINTER ARCHER was published in the Hauntingly Romantic Winter anthology!

The description from Amazon:

Dark. Romantic. Frigidly beautiful. Not all fairy tales are meant for children.

A Hauntingly Romantic Winter is a collection of new, previously unpublished fairy tales. This winter, curl up under the blankets, drink some hot cocoa, and let The Otherworld’s writers immerse you into a brand new world. 

Magic, love, and mystery abound in this adult-themed fairy tale book. Let the freezing cold, the glittering frost, and the howling wind be softened by a layer of dreamlike stories. Inside this collection, you will find warmth and shelter from the outside world, while entering magic lands filled with faeries, cryptic women lurking in forests, magical mirrors, archers and hunters on a quest for glory and more.

Drift into this story collection and be ready to shiver with delight.

--Fairy Tales... Not for kids...

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