Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tuesday Tips: Vanity Press

I received an email this morning looking for recommendations for getting published and a question about one publisher specifically.

Make sure you research any publisher in great detail before you work with them. Here are the best general rules for avoiding legal scams to get your money:

  • Authors NEVER pay for publishing.
  • They pay you. 
  • There are no "fees" in traditional publishing.
  • A legit publisher will pay you an advance on royalties in exchange for the rights to the story.

A vanity press will scam you to pay for all the expenses to print and distribute your book and you end up with a garage full of books. Sometime in the end to add insult to injury, they will also own the rights to your story.

Never sign a contract with a publisher without it being reviewed by your lawyer or agent. YOUR lawyer. They will even offer lawyer services for another fee.

--Run. Do not walk. Away from Vanity Publishers.

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