Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday Tips: POV

This is an issue I always have to be careful to watch for in my own writing.

Point Of View

I am not going to go down the list of all the different kinds of POVs and their definitions. Others have done that already. Google is your friend.

I believe, that a new author has problems with drifting POV. Things like: head hopping, shifting POVs, drifting from first person to omniscient, random third person in a single scene.

All these things are tells. They show you to be the beginner. So study and understand the different POVs. This will keep you from causing reader confusion, making them fall out of the story.

All that being said...

Understand the rules and then creatively break them at will. Just be consistent within the story. I tend to do Third-person limited within each scene.  I may shift POV within the overall story but not in the same scene.

There are as many error types as POVs. This tip is all about awareness. I recommend a POV scrub. a full review of the story focusing on POV.

--You'll be glad you did.

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