Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Editing

One of the skills an author needs is knowing his limitations.

With me, since I started writing, I have come to realize that I really suck at editing. I admit it. Spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes don't register with me. I think I have figured out why.

When I read I don't see words. I see images in my head. When I read the word "elephant" I don't see the word, I see an elephant in my head. It makes reading faster, more enjoyable, but it skips so much.

I just can't help it.

The errors have to be pretty bad for me to stub my toe on them. I have been trying to slow down and see the words more when I am in the editing phase. Using Gammarly helps.

The main take away for me is that it is really important to have help. A good editor on the team make a world of difference.

--Just as long as they don't laugh and point at me too much...

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