Friday, April 21, 2017

The Fast Friday Indie Interviews: Leighton Dean

Leighton Dean

Tell me about yourself, Leighton?

Let's see, I'm Welsh. But I can't play rugby, seriously. So what else is there?

I play games, probably too much. I’m currently juggling Civilization 6 with the launch of my book. I love reading & writing, anything really but technology plays a big part in most of my works so it lends itself to Science Fiction.

I'm also a cinephile, recently whittled down my VHS collection to the original Star Wars trilogy and the Omen trilogy. All in favor of DVDs which are now obsolete...

When not doing any of these I love to travel with my wife and work on our all important beer blog.

Tell me about your current Book:

When an undercover agent goes missing, his superior must enter an anarchist London to find the leader of the 'Free London' movement, before England invades it's own city.

In 2038 the Government rules from York after losing control of Southern England to anarchy. Now after 30 years of gangland law; Evan Bell has found an opportunity to unite the Kingdom.

Two days before his undercover agent is set to meet with the leader of the ‘Free London’ movement the agent goes missing, leaving Evan no option but to enter the city himself.

But when a Red Cross Transport is shot down it ignites hostilities between the city's gangs. His mission doomed, Evan finds hope in an unlikely ally; Bo, a 13 year old assassin.

Hidden within these pages is the algorithm for winning a national lottery. Guaranteed within four weeks play. Okay, this last part isn't true. But the book is fantastic.

What are you working on now?

My next book ‘Save Our Souls’, think ‘The Poseidon Adventure’ but in space.

Where is your favorite place to be when you write?

My study. Pacing between my desk and white board, listening to 65 Days of Static.

What is your favorite lesson you have learned about the business of writing?

Finish what you start.

What is your favorite Website?

Den of Geek. Collider is a close second.



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