Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tuesday Tips: TOOLS - Grammarly

I have said it before and I will say it again and again. You could have the greatest story ever written, but if the spelling, grammar and punctuation suck, you will get bad reviews and no sales.

I confess, my skills in this arena are weak.

Grammar Nazi's are out there. You really want to find one to be your professional editor. Seriously. They will polish your book to it's best look. The last thing you want is a reader stubbing their toe on commas and There, They're, Their violations.

I use MS Word for final drafts. It's the format that my editor prefers and making her life easier is one of my goals in life. One of the things that makes it WAY easier, is a tool called Grammarly.

I have the full version that includes a plug-in for MS Word, Firefox and Windows.

This tool fixes way more than the simple spelling and grammar checks in Word. You can even try it for free on the web at www.grammarly.com.

I can run this tool before sending my work to my editor. It allows her to focus deeper. It allows her to work faster. Plus I don't end up feeling like a jughead!

--I highly recommend this tool.

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