Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday Tips: Picking Names

I know some authors that have a really hard time picking names for their characters. I have several methods to select names.

Random Name Generators:

There are several websites that can be used by authors for names. Some of them are even based on various cultures, times, and ethnic backgrounds.

Baby Name Books/Websites:

Some of these sources will even give you the history of a name. They provide years when the name was popular.

Phone books:

Get your hands on a thick city phone book and open to a random page.

Real People:

I have named characters after people I know. With Permission (usually). People love being the Red Shirts in my books. Every now and then the characters refuse to die and develop into heroes.


Get out of your chair and take a walk. I enjoy beautiful, historic cemeteries in Virginia. There is even a website used by researchers called Find a Grave.

--The name of a character is just the beginning of a full profile of your characters.


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  1. I tend to use combinations of friends' names if they are western. Evelyn Black a girl from my High School and Mike Slater turned into the lead character in The Visitor - Evelyn Slater.

    Shuffled names provides an almost endless variety.