Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday Tips: Conferences

Last weekend I attended a science Fiction Conference in Maryland called Chessiecon.

I really enjoy attending these conferences for many reasons.

Meeting People

It is a great opportunity to meet readers, other authors, editors and book industry professionals. There are lots of great networking contacts and new friends to be made. I really enjoy being with other people that love Scifi as much as I do.  Plus the Cosplayers are fun!

Learning About Writing
As of today, I feel I am still a new author. I constantly need to refine my craft. I still feel like I am just making it up as I go. It's good to learn about tools, techniques, and methods that will improve my projects. At this last conference, I had a flash of inspiration that will result in a future novel.

Learning About the Business End of Writing
The business end is where I need the most help. I don't know jack about marketing, taxes, copyrights, or a hundred other topics that are important. At these Lit Cons, I have learned so much about Indie Publishing, lawyers, accountants, contracts, ISBNs, promotions and more.

Add on top that they are just fun. I really enjoy sitting on panels as a guest author, as much as, attending the talks. Topics can be serious or silly. All enjoyable.

--Check out the Cons in your local area! I highly recommend attending!

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