Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Hugos

As a newly published Science Fiction author I have been watching the Sad Puppies Hugo drama for years now.

I want to start by saying I read a LOT of science fiction and fantasy. There was a time when the Hugo award seal on a books cover would ensure a good read.

In recent years, not so much.

The Hugo Aware machine had been quietly taken over by a group that began nominating titles for reasons other than the quality of the stories. The politics of the authors or stories became a big variable for a nomination. Cronyism became the norm. And frankly obvious. What was an award that supposedly represented ALL of fandom, really only supported the far left.

I just stopped using Hugo as a guide. I wasn't a published author then, just a reader. Some of the books sucked.

Larry Corriea is a favorite author of mine. I enjoy his books big time. Big fun. I have met Larry on a few occasions. He is a great guy. He has provided me excellent advice as a new author. He is very encouraging of new authors. When Sad Puppies started a few years ago I saw it on his blog and Facebook.

The Hugo crony backlash is what screwed their influence. Classic shooting of  their own foot. When they started accusing Larry and later Brad Torgerson of being racist woman haters I laughed. At first.

In stead of being quiet and letting it pass they began attacks. Bad ones. Fools. Lies and bile. They attacked the wrong guy. Larry is smart and bases all his comments on facts.

This energized readers.

Using the rules of the Hugos own process and humor, Sad Puppies created it's own recommended list of books. When boiled down, that is all they did. The difference was their lobbying was overt instead of behind closed doors.

Now, three years into Sad Puppies, The nominees are better. I have read many of these books. I hope Marko Kloos wins!

For me, I don't give a shit what the authors politics are, as long as the story is good. One thing that will cause me to never read another one of your books is if you start threatening violence or throwing unfounded insults.

--Read more good Scifi. Not SJW shit.

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