Monday, July 5, 2021


Shadows of the Sentinal, hardcover edition, is on super-sale today for $7 while supplies last!

However, did it come to this?

Cobb wanted a simple life. He wanted excellent steaks, great coffee, friends, and a quiet place to restore his favorite ship. Working for a recovery operation turned out to be the best place to find parts cheap.

She had other plans for him.

He wanted the staff of the deep space salvage ship, OXCART, to treat him just like another member of the crew. Not the man he really was. Light-years from Earth, he thought his secrets, his past, wouldn't matter. Especially not to her. When that past leads them to the SENTINEL, like it or not, the biggest single salvage of all time will change everything.

Some secrets are so big, they can start a war. Or stop one. Or remain too big to explain when the timing could not be worse.

And it was all the damn cat's fault.

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