Monday, February 8, 2021

Monday Musings...

I have been posting Marketing stuff on Mondays lately. I don't feel like that today.

Outside it's a clear, cool day and sun is shining in my window. I have plans to spend time in my woodshop building something this afternoon. Don't know what yet. Making sawdust usually makes me happy, so sawdust it will be.

Not that I am un-happy.

It just feels like there is a turning of the tide beginning. An emerging from a tunnel. like the photo. Spring is on the horizon.

I can't explain why I'm feeling it. Maybe it's because the writing is going well. I just finished the first draft of my next novel. Maybe it's my next audio edition is going well. Maybe it's because my guitar lessons have me sounding better. Maybe it's Zooming with friends more often.

The world is still a mess. Covid, Asswipes on the news, and Politics are just as bad as ever. Bias social media keeps getting worse and worse. Orwell is turning in his grave...

So I will keep drinking coffee and making stuff up. I plan to publish a new short story this month (More on that later). I will make stuff with my hands, read more books, view art, photography, write more adventures, dream of sexy nuns smoking cigars, listen to lots of classic LPs, and live.

I have Falling in Love with my wife again on the calendar for this week. So I got that going for me. 

--Happy marriages are mostly screaming "What!" from the other room. Enjoy it when it happens! 

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